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Meanwhile.......back at the WAR
Yep....it's me again. The anti-war nag. I dunno how you know who managed it, but I figure that tsunami was a stealth move to divert attention to what's going on you know where. Probably the Secret Service helped pull it off. And the CIA.

Seriously folks, we are a solid year into the conflict. Which, by the way....began as a default move from folks who were pressed to "do something" , supposedly to pacify the Americans who were pissed over 9/11. Now, excuse me cuz I'm blonde....but:

What the heck does Iraq have to do with Osama and 9/11?

How long is long enough to say "enough"? If the election goes belly up this time around, do we reschedule for 6 months and send a few more of our kids and neighbors to get blown up by car bombs?

If I burn my bra will it make a difference?

For those of you who are into numbers this man has them. Read them and weep.

As always, keep the faith. ^j^

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