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Party Lines
As y'all know, I'm not much on Bush. I wasn't much on Kerry either, but he got my "hell no I don't like the way things are going" vote that helped paint us as a COUNTRY DIVIDED.

Babygirl called me at work yesterday to tell me how pitiful Dubya looked at a press conference she was watching, and all I could remember was those debates. Sheesh.

That's us, and we're amateurs with an opinion. This lady is no amateur. Ms. Noonan is a staunch Republican and actively campaigned for Bush this past fall. From the hell she's caught from her readers, you'd think she had slept with Osama.

Thus, my rant begins about the great divide. Those words came from a woman who sacrificed much to campaign for her party and dared to offer up some constructive criticism on his inaugual address. As a friend....perhaps a disillusioned one.

I love to read her words, even if we are politically on different wavelengths. What shocked me the most about this particular piece was the venomous response from GOP readers when one of "their own" dared to exhibit something other than total devotion to the whole deal. Be sure and check out the comments link at the end.

That's what's been bugging me...that "I'm right and you're totally wrong" mentality that permeates our country. What the hell ever happened to diversity and the first amendment?

There's this great big paranoid state of mind going around that "they" ( mainstream media) are poisoning our minds with fluff that we accept blindly like spoonfed babies. Thank God somewhere there are journalists brave enough to slip something through when it feels important and take the heat that follows.


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