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Pity Party
Y'all are ALL invited! Bring your ears and shoulders to cry on and your best jokes. The way I figure it, we can console each other and commiserate ( thank u alan ) and bitch and moan and groan and feel better about the cards we've been dealt and have a group hug.

I've always been one of those gals who asked "why". Must be the scientific mind and all that. The trouble with that is, that science only applies to physical laws. Emotions and such are not governed by theories and calculations and hypotheses. They're just raw energy waiting to take a form through expression.

Sometimes it's scary....oftentimes it hurts like a motha. But then SOMETIMES it's pure bliss. Sometimes there is no answer to "why". It just is. Embracing that great truth brings a lot of relief to deep thinkers and cosmic wonderers. A shift in perspective from "why" to "what is" can be viewed as freedom from the past and the future and joy in the present. It's the beginning of a smile that progresses to a giggle that slowly works up to a belly laff that makes the tears roll and Depends a MUST.

In honor of my transition from victim to happy soul, I invite you all to bring your friends and tell me your drama. Once it's expressed, well...heck. That diminishes the power of the angst by 10 to the third power.

Y'all keep the faith. ^j^

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