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The Sexiest Man Alive
Hmm....well,pardon me PEOPLE, but it ain't Jude Law or George Clooney. I've got this really wild imagination that has conjured up what would be sexy to me. Bear with me.

He's ageless...could be a teenager or a wise old fella, depending on the situation. His hair color changes with the times. Eye color is optional...but they look at me like I'm the only woman alive.

Sexy man is a dreamer...an idealist. There's some artist in there amongst the testosterone that takes the edge offa the guy thing JUST enough to make him vulnerable at the right moments and in touch with himself enough to need nurturing on occasion.

He values me as a person with a great mind and the spirit of a survivor, yet he cherishes me as one would a treasure a family heirloom or a long forgotten dream or a princess. He is loving and giving and able to laugh when even a smile seems impossible. He cries when he is sad.

He's all about fun for fun's sake. Loves his Momma and isn't sure about his Daddy but will get there someday, whenever he grows up. He works hard and plays harder and is looking for a passionate woman with spirit to keep him company day in and day out. With frequent breaks for " self discovery" going both ways.

Jealousy and control are so not sexy it's pathetic. Trust and faith and optimism...that's what appeals to me and makes me feel safe. And feeling safe is the sexiest thing around.

Animal lover....nature boy. Artisan in his own right no matter what the medium.

In other words, all mine.

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