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The State of Things
Umm..well it's a premature Poopie version of the state of the union address. News flash y'all. There IS NO UNION. We're split about evenly on this war thang and much more so on other thangs like healthcare and drug companies and stem cell research and congressional junkets with girlfriends/drinkin' buddies and personal decision making. I have a personal problem with expensive gowns for a party at the Emperor's place when our soldiers don't have what they need to defend themselves.

Therefore and where for art thou...we should be ( collectively as a nation of hell raisers ) dayum pissed about the
state of things in this great country of ours. Teachers rock, OK? They're not the future though. Parents are the future, if they get out there and go for it and do what the Big Guy called 'em to do they're the future of this country and of the American Family. What a novel idea!

Faith has her Hooter's t-shirt on and Hope has on a Onesie. Delightfully tacky.....yet unrefined.


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