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With my daughter and her young twenty something friends "WORD" is an expression used kinda like "Amen" or "Testify" brother! It indicates an understanding of what's being said and implies agreement.

Too bad Junior
isn't familiar with the term. He seems all too capable of continuing to open his mouth and say sublimely stupid things at the worst possible moment.

Bring em on MY ASS! Dubya's war is one in which OUR service people are supposedly freeing the Iraqi people from oppression and delivering to them the ability to "vote" for someone who will no doubt be asassinated by the time the votes are counted. Of course the Sunnis won't GET to vote, but hey..

Why then, do these very people who are being miraculously rescued by our troops helping their imprisoned countrymen ( aka the bad guys ) ESCCAPE?

Jeez...I may be blonde, but this just sez to me that we can't tell the good guys from the bad guys. Within our own borders, we have trouble with that. What makes us think it will be different in another country halfway across the world where it's a sure ticket to Allah's heaven to blow people to smithereens?

If Bush had had his physical when he was supposed to, maybe he could see the light a bit more clearly.

WORD ^j^
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