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CSI Tennessee
In a bizarre case that resembles a TV whodunit, former Medical Examiner O.C. Smith is on trial for staging his own attack. Ordinarily, this would be a case of forensic scientist gone bonkers.

In this case, however, the future of others is at stake depending on the outcome of Smith's trial. Anywhere from 40 to 50% of Tennessee death row cases were convincted based on Smith's testimony as a pathologist. One of those is Philip Workman .

I am morally opposed to the death penalty. Deal with it, OK? In my mind, there is no way that it is "right" to execute someone no matter WHAT they did. Keep their butt in prison forever. In the long run, that costs less than all the legal wrangling to get out of a death sentence. Especially in a case like Workman's.

Every week we hear of an incident of a prisoner set free after years of incarceration because of new advances in technology like DNA testing. Witnesses lie and have brain farts. DNA does not.

Governor Bredesen has delayed the execution of Workman and asked state medical examiners to review Smith's testimony which was used to convict Workman. Considering the circus that is this case, I'd say that was a very wise move on the side of caution.

Smith's trial resumes next week.
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