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Dearest Cupid
I'm figuring that since I've not heard from you in several years, you've forgotten where I am. Well, actually...it's been many years.

That's not to say that I haven't fired a few arrows myself. It's just that they seldom hit the guy's heart in just the right spot to produce flowers or candy or declarations of love. It seems to work much better when YOU take aim and shoot him for me.

So, well, umm....this year, I'm leaving it up to you. I know there's some guy out there somewhere who thinks I'm "all that and a bag of chips" and just needs a little nudge from you to get real and gimme his heart. And the other parts too :)

Hey..you know me. I'm easy on the eyes and not at all a nag. There's that big ole heart of mine that tends to seek the middle ground every time. ( well almost, except for the war) I can tell a mean joke without losing the punchline, I know my NASCAR drivers, I'm an excellent cook and, though kinda blonde, I'm quite intelligent.....but not in an intimidating kinda way, of course.

I'm kind to animals, kids and old people. My sense of duty to the downtrodden and mistreated is what one might call "rabid", yet I have a soft old soul that longs to be loved and appreciated. I'm honest to a fault. Good mother. Great friend. Ex-good GIRL.

My dream date would probably be on the beach somewhere watching the sunset with some good food and plenty of brewskie cuz I don't dress up much, if you know what I mean. I'll settle for whatever you cook up for me though. If I have to dress up and be a fox, so be it. I can play that one too.

ANYWAYS...see what you can do, K?

I'm just sayin'.....

Kisses from Poopie ^j^

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