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Faith takes a nosedive..
Ever since we've had the beloved choco-lab, Faith, Babygirl's b'friend has been her favorite guy. She's done a few practice rides in the back of his truck out here on the farm. Yesterday was her in town debut. Being the anxious girl that she is, she was just a teeny bit too close to the side. When Gumbler tapped the brakes to sit her down she lost her balance and went tumbling out onto the busiest piece of asphalt in our little town. YOW. Poor baby was concussed overnight and has a nice asphalt scrape on her face, but seems fine today. Except that she's having her first period too!

Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to get outta bed.

Today was one of those days, kids.

My good buddy JOHN, of Courtesy Call fame, found me at work and proceeded to pound me without mercy on my shortcomings as a human being in the great debt pool of life. Luckily bank lady was in a kind mood and explained my situation in a much kinder manner. ALSO luckily, I work with folks who love me and will gather round for a group hug in a heartbeat....ditto for the prayers.

I've become a master at finding those little bright spots in an otherwise stress-filled life of work and no play. And it saves my sanity. That and the thought of tellin' JOHN's momma how mean he was to me :) I feel sure she'll kick his butt.

Keepin' the faith here. ^j^

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