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Groundhog Day Eve Reflections
Remember the movie with Bill Murray where every day he woke up and it was the SAME dang day again? I can relate...heh.

This week's "hump" day will be spent as part of a survey team for the College of American Pathologists . As part of the healthcare accreditation process, each clinical laboratory must be inspected either by the CAP or the JointCommission on Hospital Accreditation . Usually a peer to peer survey is much more desirable than having someone who doesn't know beans about the lab coming in and picking apart your world. ( see FDA and chicken inspectors :)

I have participated on many of these teams in the past, and I have also had the pleasure of being grilled by "peers" who have personal issues that go with them on their road trips. Objectivity is the key to a successful survey. There is a checklist of questions that are rather easy to interpret but the trouble usually comes when someone thinks that since it's not done THEIR way, it's wrong. Lord help us.

This time the trip will be short and sweet.....only 40 miles away. We have one novice on the team who tends to turn a simple statement into a 30 minute tirade no matter what.

Y'all pray and be specific.

And keep the faith. ^j^
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