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In honor of Oscar night...
I have posted this *snort* classic cast pic from Cinderella as performed in sixth grade operetta style by the students of Alice Thurmond Elementary School. Of course it's every girl's dream to be Cinderella....but alas! My destiny was to play the wicked stepmother ( notice the huge hair on the far left, kids. ) We're all just 12, but I appear much taller thanks to "Chia hair".

Anna, in the pink dress was my soulmate in drama. We did plays and made programs and bored our families to death with our pre-teen acting ability. Years later, Babygirl and her friend Melissa did the same thing to ME! Beautiful Denise, far right in yellow has been gone for many years now....HIV took her life at a young age. The rest of the cast is alive and well, as far as I know. The Prince and I stay in touch. We have an appreciation of fine hops in common in addition to the hometown connections and me and his wifey being in the same field.

In college, I was Helen Keller's mom in The Miracle Worker with my Irish Setter, Brandy as a co-star. I gave up on acting then, cuz it seemed I was being typecast as somebody's momma. Can't help it.....I still want to have my day as Cinderella.

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