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The L Word
Being a gal who's emotionally transparent ( aka, honest ) I find that this is not something that men embrace. In fact, most of them run from that kind of honesty like they've been popped with buckshot in the ass.

Here's the story of my life with guys. I like 'em and I tell them that and they say "that's nice...I like you too". Then when I say the other L word, well....you know. Run for the hills. It's too: messy/intense/time-consuming/you-name-it.

According to the experts like the "He's Not That Into You" guy and the "LoveTactics" guy, I'm way too easy and can't play the game. I have to disagree with that. Transference and projection aside, I'm a picky old girl who knows what she wants. When I recognize it, I blurt it out...even when it scares the crap out of me to do so.

Needless to say, this MO has dropped me on my smart ass many a time. I'm a lifetime subscriber to "til better to have loved and lost.." Something in me just won't quit with that nonsense though. It's like I honestly believe that a great fella will fall in love with me and it will be a forever thing.

Go figure.
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