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Live from work blog
Mornin' children! Because Poopie is a front line worker in healthcare, Sundays are a usual part of the work routine. Today is particularly slow allowing me the luxury of catching up on my blog reading and gettin' paid for it :) Sweet.

Sooooooo.......if any of you need your lab work done today, just send me a comment and I'll check you right out. How's that cholesterol looking? Are you pregnant? What about a blood transfusion? We can handle all of your laboratory needs! My co-workers today include the eternal sunshine of Timmy aka Katie Beth's daddy. Tim has blue eyes that more than one patient has noticed. He also works at his family's hardware store and will be bringing me new handles for my storm doors which Faith the wonder-choco-lab has managed to destroy. Pays to have connections that keep you out of WalMart, ya know?

I really don't mind weekends at work because none of the administrative types are around to hassle us with meetings and forms and other such nonsense. We just do the work and amuse ourselves. Many a sordid tale has been shared over the breakroom table during a weekend meal.

Earlier this week I mentioned that I was to be part of a CAP inspection the next day. HOOOO boy. What a day. The lab, when last inspected two years ago, had no deficiencies. We expected to breeze in and spend the day patting them on the back for their wonderfulness. About 30 minutes into the thing, over a table PILED high with manuals, we realized that past inspectors had not done these people any favors by being either blind or lazy. We ended up being the bad guys and citing them for just about everything imaginable, which we definitely were NOT in the mood to do. And they were not receptive to our "constructive" learning process.
Very long day.

Now, roll up your sleeve. This won't hurt a bit :)

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