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Musical Meme
This afternoon while on the road to do my ( way overdue ) grocery shopping, I popped a homemade CD from my KaZaa days into the player which could only be named " My Favorite Feel Good Songs". This electic mix of tunes spans the generations and musical styles that kind of give a thumbnail image of little ole' me. Besides, it was time to give John Mayer a break :)

I Can Only Imagine.....MercyMe

Dust in the Wind.....Kansas

The Water is Wide....James Taylor

Roll With It.....Steve Winwood

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Lookin' For.......U2

Wake Me Up Inside.....Evanescence

Get Over It .....The Eagles ( best boogie song, hands down )

Learn To Be Still.....Don Henley

My Sacrifice.....Creed

I'd Love to Change The World.....Ten Years After

Go Rest High on that Mountain.....Vince Gill

The Dance.....Garth Brooks

Silver Threads and Golden Needles.....Linda Ronstadt

OOPs..almost forgot Put Your Lights on....Everlast and Santana

What would be on yours?

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