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one day at a time
Today was one of those days that I actually listened to the Big Guy's voice. My favorite patient of all time, Ms. Olive was in the house. She's the British WWII bride of a US serviceman with a spirit that gives me hope and faith.

Her adoring husband has quite the sense of humor as well. He beams when she shows out for her admirers and enjoys every second of that spunk of hers.

I first met this lovely couple on a day at work when I went to do something I really didn't wanna do. The fringe benefits were astounding, in more ways than one. They blessed me with their love for each other and became lifelong friends to me in the span of 30 minutes. And besides, the attending was HOT :)

When Mr and Ms Olive win the lottery, they're gonna buy me a car or something. She told me that today. She also sent{{ hugs}} back to that hot attending from diagnostic days gone by. If I ever see him again, I'll deliver.
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