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The Origin of Poop
Back in the day....there was this lil' old girl named Janie who lived on a farm. She was the first child, first grandchild ( on one side ) and only daughter. In other words, she was was just the poop. Her baby bed was in the bedroom of that log cabin she cribbed in. The wall next to the bed was, of course, made of logs.

Being an only child and all, she tended to get a bit lonely. That's how the knot in the log at HER eye level came to be known as W.I. At the time in rural D'burg, he was the only general practice doc in town and treated everything from birth to death with a bow tie firmly in place each and every work day. The Poop got delivered in a hospital.....the old Baird Brewer by a fella who did surgery in addition to birthing babies. But when the earaches hit or the measles and the mumps...you guessed it. W.I. was the man with the plan.

Poopie spent hours talking to that knot on the log in the wall just to keep herself company. When she was feeling creative, she dipped into the diaper ( cloth ) and did a little artwork all over the bed and wall and umm...you get the picture. Her momma tells it like this: " I said Help Billy! " and we dunked that poop covered kid and all her poopie stuff in the soapy water."

The name stuck. W.I. is still around wearing a bow tie, though he's retired. The log walls are still there at the crib.

When Babygirl was little, her imaginary friend was named Dickie and he did everything BAD that she was guilty of. That's a whole 'nother story though.

Y'all keep the faith. ^j^
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