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Small World
Where in the heck have I been? I never even knew that Hunter Thompson existed until he died and the whole journalistic world was aflutter with tales of " I told ya so."

I reckon I was busy makin'a living and raising Babygirl. Selling GirlScout cookies and doing aerobics and readin' books. Lotsa books. MOUNTAINS of books.

During all of that busyness, I listened to lotsa music. Still do. Somehow, music makes the daily mundane stuff bearable and often enjoyable. It calms the savage beast in each of us.

Babygirl is Soooo jealous of the fact that I've been to a jillion concerts to see the legends.....Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Allman Brothers, James Taylor, JIMI HENDRIX... Linda Rondstat and on and on and on. It's always been a priority for me. A love, if you will, to experience the live music of artists that I enjoy.

A couple of years ago when JT was on the "October Road" tour, I bought tickets and passed on groceries for a bit. I ended up giving those tickets away to some other fans who had a great time doing the father son bonding thing.

Easy come, easy go. ^j^
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