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Will Blog for Beer
Well, actually will blog or else. My sister-in-law the Reporterette references one of our fav writers commenting about bloggers and their impact on today's world, politically and otherwise.

If you stop and think about it, blogging is kind of like one big group therapy session on the keyboard.....and that's a good thang. I was telling a co-worker today about firing off an email to the CEO of my ex-company, now that I finally could without fear of retribution. It's probably lost in cyberspace, but I sure as heck felt better.

That's what a blog is all about. In these days of fast paced lives and keeping up with whoever you're keeping up with, free expression is a first amendment right that we should not take lightly. Maybe someday I'll find a more productive way to express than opening my big fat mouth. Probably not though. It beats going to confession. ^j^
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