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Bonus Blog
Unlike that sexy boy named LBB, I'm not gonna go off on Blogger about their tiny server. I mean...hey. It's free right? Beggars can't be choosers. Besides, it's kinda cool to see posts you thought were lost in cyberspace materialize out of thin air the next day. Or week!

It still beats the USPS. A friend told me today that he just received a card that I mailed to him in August of last year :) Glad it was just a friendly greeting and not a big fat check or a marriage proposal.


It's open season on asparagus around here. From now til the first week of May I'll be picking it twice a day to keep up with those sprouting spears. I mostly give it away to friends because one can only eat so much asparagus before turning green at the thought of it. The farm where I live had a huge FIELD of asparagus across the road from my house years ago. The picture above is of folks at the packing shed, circa 1918 or so. That's a lot of asparagus casserole!


Last but not least, today is TUESDAY which means Phyllis and I get to watch House. We are soooooooo easy to please.

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