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the dog ate my ____________
Remember that little ditty Gilda Radner used to do on SNL called "What Gilda Ate"? It was always quite charming, in an Emily Latella sort of way and usually included a couple of antacids covered in lint.

My choco lab is about to get her OWN gig on Pet Night called "What Faith Ate". On any given day it will include the usual assorted doggie things like moles and the cat's food and half a rabbit. However, this dog likes WOODEN things best of all.

Labs are very oral animals. In the few months that Faith has grown from cute lil pup to full grown dog she has cut her canine incisors on the following assortment of wooden objects:

The piano leg

The edge of the front AND back porches

The front porch swing

And her latest culinary adventure: MY BRAND NEW BIRDHOUSE!

Yes indeed.....My friend came to visit yesterday bearing gifts of a birdhouse and seed which we promptly placed on a stump outside the loo window for potty viewing.
While we were busy replacing the storm door handles ( which Faith ALSO ate ) we let the dogs run around outside and play.

As soon as I took my seat on the throne some hour later, the birdhouse was nowhere to be seen. I spotted it down the hill beyond the flock of birds that had gathered over the pile of seed laying there. Hmm..

Oh well. Teethmarks give anything more character. And one can always buy more birdseed.

P.S. When terriers eat birdseed, it passes very quickly through the digestive system and looks really wierd comin' out!

P.S.S. Labs can snore almost as loud as guys.
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