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Election '08
While watching the teevee tonight I was inspired to start a grassroots campaingn to elect Benny Hinn for our next president. He's evangelical and lives the high life, so I think he fits the bill. He's got lots of mindless followers who shovel the bucks his way. Lovely wife too.

We could write him in by punching one of the following chads:

Praise the Lord


"Kiss" to the child's forehead

Bring me my car...


I remember about 10 years ago being at a conference in a nearby metro area with a co-worker....we spent the day in a nasty hotel conference room with a buffet and discussed the fact that one of our other co-workers was at Benny's "crusade du jour" that day in the same city. Go figure the Lord's work.

Y'all keep the faith.

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