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First Time
My first love was around the age of 13 or so. He was a gentle soul named Fetch who played drums and ended up God-knows-how in rural TN from Chicago. I was his groupie for a couple of nights until my lack of mobility ruined that gig. My first real "car date" was with him and whoever was driving to that place they played that night. Adventure! His long wavy haired self gifted me with a beautiful red satin jewelry box for Christmas.

About that time I got my first job. I was a lifeguard at the pool behind the local Moose Lodge. That job lasted me all the way through my high school summers. I learned how to handle bratty kids, cook a mean burger and play Spades like a motha' at 50 cents an hour.

Those half dollars added up until I could afford my first car. The folks paid half and I did the other half. They scouted and found me an "only driven to church on Sunday by a Grandma" 67 Plymouth with air and an automatic. I was in heaven until one night, I had my first taste of reality that led to my SECOND car.

I was at a party at somebody's house where the parents were gone and the kids were gathering. An "acquaintance" asked me if he could borrow my car to go to the store. Next thing I knew, my precious car was totalled in a ditch and the Sheriff was asking my parents what to do with that GALLON of whiskey in the back seat. And, uh...oh yeah. He picked up a girl too and she's in the Emergency Room with a split wide open head. My wise Dad stopped by the salvage yard after picking me up so I could weep amongst the shattered glass in the back seat.

Short version? Insurance company cancelled me immediately. "Acquaintance's" Dad was a body shop man so I got a 65 Chevy auto in the floor with no muffler and bondo all around. I whined until I got paint and a muffler to pimp me through the rest of high school and my lifeguard days.

Along the way there was first sex with a fellow who was second love which turned into college and first major heartbreak when it was over. Second love, that is.


I lost count after that. Life just turned into one thing after another and VOILA....here I am. Middle aged and single with a kick-ass daughter and a so so job. I always remember who I am, though.


Y'all keep the faith. ^j^
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