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While passing a rainy cold Easter Sunday afternoon with a movie on, I suddenly heard a song that transported me 35 years back. The tune is "White Bird" by It's a Beautiful Day. That put me on a fast track back to the late 60's where my young hippie self enjoyed the music of the masters. Jefferson Airplane, Spirit, Moody Blues, Blind Faith, Allman Brothers and on and on.

Were we cool or what? My foray into the counterculture was somewhat limited due to my young age, but I still remember it fondly. I think that the activism of the 60's shaped who I am as an adult in a very good way. I learned to question the status quo and raise hell when I see injustice. On the flip side, I learned to reserve judgement on most anything else in a live and let live hippie kinda way.

My straight laced conservative parents let me fumble my way through it. I remember my Mom taking a bunch of us to Memphis to see Led Zeppelin one time. I wore my Dad's wool Air Force overcoat and no shoes as I slipped out of the car and into the Colliseum...the only place for big concerts back then. I'd have given my right hand to be at Woodstock, but instead I listened to the album over and over again with my eyes closed reliving it in my mind. I made the trek to Overton Park Shell to see Trapeze and others. And I visited Highland Strip as often as I could to peek into the head shops and people watch. Long hair was the bomb and tie dye clothes with beads were the thing to wear.

I really don't have a clue who reads this blog. But I'm wondering........does this stuff ring a bell with anybody?

Peace and love y'all. ^j^
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