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How to cure the flu
Wake up at 3AM one day throwing up your toenails and poopin' pure water.
Repeat X 2 days.
Sigh relief upon intake of solid food once again.

Put on a happy face now that it's over. Umm..well. Okay, you're weak. But not barfing.
Work a couple of days with a scratchy throat and the blahs.

Two scheduled days off feeling progressively worse.

Back to work! That evening, the first chills and fever hit.
Repeat X 4 evenings with two days of work and two days of sleep.

Back to work! part II. ( and here's the catch y'all )
Vow to purchase a thermometer so that said high temperature can be appropriately recorded for posterity. 3.95 plus tax

Go home and wait for the shakin' to begin. It doesn't. *sigh* Thank you Big Guy.

Just by the Mommy on the face test, I figure it was about 110 at one point. Buying that thermometer did the trick though! Much cheaper than Tamiflu.

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