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Just another day in paradise.......
It's only the second day of spring and the skies are already churning to bring in tornado season. That explains farmer Joey out there disking up the field in the near dark. It's a farmer's game...to try to beat the rain. Kinda like playin' poker with your land. From now 'til June is like a big manic episode for farmers and their related occupations...fertilizer, heavy equipment and pre-emergents.

A couple of years ago, I lived through one that came a tad bit too close. That experience gave me a healthy respect for the power of a storm.

So, on my first day to feel like a human in a week, I did what struck my fancy:

Slept 'til I woke up

Went to the library

Did some bizness

Fired a pissed off email at my home state senator, FRIST

Read blogs to my heart's content

Kept the faith, and one eye on the weather radar :)
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