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Little Things
It's been a tough coupla days around here for me and Babygirl. First I got the flu, then she hurt her foot...like BAD. I bounced outta bed this morning feeling like i was cured ( when in fact, that feeling was just an absence of nausea for right then ) only to find 2 hours into the day that indeed the stuff does take a couple of days to run its' course.

We were trudging home from the orthopedic doc's office late this afternoon, in the RAIN, and I stopped to let this go-to-hell gorgeous luxury sports car make a turn in front of me and my leased Toyota. Just southern courtesy. As the vanity plates appeared in the back view, we both knew at the same instant whose car it was. "If I'd have known it was her, I wouldn't have been so nice", was my remark.

"Oh Mom...those little things come back around to you sometime or another."

Not that I expect anything, but...is it sometime yet?

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