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My Wishes
Enough about how to die. The people who love me are all in agreement about what I want when the time comes. If the itinerary changes, they trust me enough to listen to the proposed amendments and vote accordingly.

These days, I'm more focused on what makes me alive. You know....the things that bring me joy.

I need to feel the sand between my bare toes and wake up to the sounds of surf. There's some primal part of me that aches for that.

This time of year is heaven for a flower child. All at once I get to see daffodils, hyacinth, forsythia, hawthorne, bradford pear, spring magnolia, and the wildscape waking up to a new season.

I'd be a mighty cool grandma, I think. I'd like to experience that while I'm young enough to enjoy it. I'll have to let go of Babygirl for that to happen. I can do that when the time is right.

The other half of my soul is out there somewhere. I hope to find it. I feel bits and pieces of me being filled in day by day through family and friends. My trust in the Big Guy has kept me cautiously single during a very vulnerable time and will reward me for being patient.

I'm nuts for sunrises and sunsets and the whole thing in between. Foolishly optimistic about this day and the next and what might happen when I believe in miracles.

Faith. ^j^
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