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Patricia at BlondeSense is pissed off again, and rightfully so. It takes a pretty large pile of poop to get me riled up ( like wars and stuff ) but her post today did it. How in the name of Thomas Jefferson can federal money be spent to circumvent a Supreme Court decision? That's OUR money folks. Tax money over which you have no control. If Lt. Gov. Jennings wants to fund a "pregnancy counseling against abortion" initiative, the United Way gets into stuff like that 3 bucks at a time. That is not how I want my money spent. I'd rather have it spent on proper equipment for the soldiers fighting in the war that I don't approve of. If I choose to contribute privately to that kind of deal, it's my business.....but definitely not the biz of the US government.


I turned my mowers over to a 3 tour Vietnam vet today who came highly recommended by my brother. Bein' one of those "talkers" he managed to recount his experiences when he returned from Nam one time.....crowds of people in Frisco spitting on him and booing as he boarded the plane home for his father's funeral. He hated those protesters for treating him that way, and I feel his pain.

Today's protesters have the wisdom of 30 plus years of American politics to refine their methods and grow up a bit. Those who welcomed home friends who were fried for life now face uncertainty as their kids and grandkids fight this war on__________. Oh yeah, and their reservist friends too.

I don't spend a lot of time dwelling on the subject because it's bad for my health and life is short. There are much more effective ways to encourage change than stomping your little feet and burning a flag...that just antagonizes the right wingers.

I'm more into quiet resolve.

And.. you know what they say about the quiet ones.

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