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Smartass Analysis of the Evening News
Hmm...on a cleaning binge here so TV's been on giving me food for thought.

Tonight's stories include:

Doctors perform too many mastectomies....
Perhaps. Breast cancer is one of the most frightening things a woman can face. It is NOTORIOUS for returning years later in another location. Dr. Somebody at M.D. Anderson noted that Medicare ( thus private insurance ) reimburses twice as much for the more radical procedure than for a complex physician's treatment plan. Not that treatment plans have anything to do with reimbursement, right? Footnote: Lawyers love to sue doctors for doing their job and not being God. KEYWORDS: tort reform ( medical malpractice ), Medicare reform

Convicted terrorists contact their cronies from U.S. prisons.....
According to one federal prison official because of a "lack of translators" for inspection of outgoing mail. Seems that Mr. Al Jazeera is sending propoganda to his fellow martyrs in terrorist cells all over the world, like in Morocco and Spain and who knows where else. Excuse me? Why is this correspondence making it past the mailroom at all....translator or not? If the government cannot afford the privilege for these convicted terrorists to "communicate", then they should lose the letters. Deal with it.

US Intelligence is lacking....
Well, in this dog eat dog world, who do you trust? Our intelligence is coming from persons in other countries ( most of which despise us ) who usually have something to gain from passing on the goods. Iran. Iraq. Korea. Afghanistan. France. Add Italy to the list.

The Arab world wonders why their elections do not receive the coverage that ours do.....
The great satellite network has empowered the peoples of Arab nations to text message each other about political moves other than suicide bombing. How fresh! We should put Gates and the Mac guy on that one. I bet there'd be either world peace or total chaos within a week.
Before you know it, the women would be going barefaced.

Michael Jackson is still in court.....

March Madness....
Upsets all around this weekend. Dontcha just love it?

Weather report.....
Winter's last blast slams the US as citizens prepare for the upcoming tornado/hurricane seasons and buy potting soil, flowers, grills, vacations and shorts.

Bankruptcy reform....at last! Credit card companies finally get the relief that they have sought for years during this whirlwind decade of folks accepting a deal from the devil and seeking help with the fallout. I'll sleep much better tonight.
No wonder Babygirl watches I Love Lucy :)

Well, as my Momma always sez.....tomorrow's another day.


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