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thoughts on the blogosphere
This afternoon I came home from work and settled on the couch to rest my feet and watch Oprah. I can't tell you how long it's been since I've done that. Why, you ask? Cuz I'm so attached to my "invisible friends" in the blog world that I spend all of my spare time reading about their lives and laughing/crying at their interpretations of everyday life.

Now granted, this is much healthier than roaming chat rooms like I did for a couple of years. Since I'm single and Babygirl is grown up, I have a lot of free time on my hands which could be spent in much worse ways ( can you say BARFLY ) than by tapping my little carpals off on the keyboard while my psyche gets jiggy.

A quick glance at my blogroll will show that I'm not a snob or "all about" ANYTHING in particular. I enjoy good writing, satire, political banter and just plain old dumbassedness on occasion. People who have the ability to use graphics and tools to jazz up their blogs amaze me and I love to get off on their colors. Being a dial-up gal in the country I've waited literally MINUTES for some of the fancier ones to load just to see what's up in that neck of the world. As for me...I felt real proud the day I learned how to
Mostly I think I just enjoy blogs because they are about the creator...a peek into another person's soul that is reserved for those anonymous moments when they want to share without retribution and be who they are. It's like reading your kid's diary :)

There is much ado about the purpose and power of the weblog these days. Some claim that it should be reserved for "serious" topics like politics. Employers HATE 'em because they distract their folks from their real duty of making them money. But, all in all.....blogs are here to stay I do believe. They are a cheap alternative to hours with a psychotherapist and a virtual goldmine of information for the inquisitive mind.

They are entertainment, instruction, brain food and soul food. In the words of a very wise man, a blog is a "wonderful think."

"Blogroll me peeps." { Now ain't that much more polite than "A/S/L?"}

Y'all keep the faith.....

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