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today's dream
"Ya gotta make a mess to clean one up." Don't remember who said it....probably several left brainers during my tenure here on Earth. Leader of the pack would be my uncle Jimbo. He was a musician by vocation and a dreamer at heart.

Jimbo drug my poor auntie and the girls from house to house as he remodeled his way through the county during his middle years. His hobby....buy a house with "potential" aka history and/or antiques and tear the crap out of it. Sheetrock dust flyin' and nails pounding at every turn. I have a quilt and a depression glass bowl from our last adventure with a fixer upper.

He and Auntie taught me the basics of music via piano lessons. Since he was band director and I wanted to join the fun he made sure I had something to do in the keyboard section. One big solo on the stand up chimes to my name :) He was soooooooo proud.

Mostly I was the "manager" and got to ride along for free. I ran errands with no questions asked and went on band trips and generally had a dang good time. His ghost is one that has alternately haunted me and brought me comfort since he died at age 54 from prostate cancer.

Next up? Sheetrock mud to spray all over the walls for a nice smooth painting texture. Green will be the dominant color. Right smack in the middle of asparagus season.

Go figure.

And keep the faith. ^j^
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