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Today's horoscope

Step carefully into the kitchen, dear Virgo. You just might discover evidence that the dogs have partied with the garbage while you slumbered. Good news arrives early in the day from The Eagle. His talons appear to be firmly in place on the limb that supports health and happiness.

You will enjoy much needed laughter in route to your workplace by listening to John Boy and Billy's Big Show and their constant foolish chatter. *snort* "guffaw" Classic rock rocks and so do you, precious Virgo maiden.

Your day will be a whirlwind of venipunctural adventure, transfusion medicine for the multi-tasker and much much MORE! Delight in your ability to perform many tasks. It is truly a gift from the stars!

As your ruling planet, Mercury cannot stay in retrograde forever, do not be surprised to see increased activity on the romantic front. Could that sexy Leo lion be preparing to pounce on YOU? Do not be coy and flutter your lovely eyelashes. Speak your heart.

Embrace your creative talents through your own special avenue. The growing season is nigh, and there are perennials and annuals to be planted and tended. Haul out the waterhose and get the lawnmower in good repair. Spring is just around the Samaria Bend and keyboards look much less attractive during longer days.

Treat yourself to candles, books, music, good food and the laughter of the spider monkey. You deserve the best!!

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