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Triumphal Entry
Today was the day when all the kids paved the way for Jesus to enter the city by waving their palm branches. The Saviour! He has arrived. So much celebration and joy. Who could imagine that during the span of a few short days, His followers would not only abandon Him but betray Him with their words and deeds. He spent so much loving time with them teaching them through parables and miracles. He loved them more than He loved himself. Yet when push came to shove with the difficult decisions, they forgot everything they had learned and looked out for their own self interests and narrow views. Perhaps they were planning the next election as well.

I have always been attracted to the paradoxical angry side of Jesus that came out very rarely...but when it did, WATCH OUT. He rarely let it to, in spite of all the aggravations, except in circumstances where the name of God was being used for profit or gain, like with the money changers in the Temple. Now That's my Guy right there. A normally peace loving patient live-and-let-live type who can really let go when somebody's being mistreated.

The Jesus that died for ME on the cross is not happy with things,folks. It has nothing to do with what judge makes what decision or which state's senators or congressmen voted how. To me, it seems to be all about the growing paranoia of the Christian conservatives and their insistence on their way being declared the ONLY way.


Anyone who's ever been to Sunday School can tell you that "Jesus wept" is the shortest verse in the Bible. Many a Vacation Bible school has started with the memorization of that short verse and the recitation of many more by week's end. As I look around our world today, I see lots of things that make Jesus weep.

Jesus wept....when Jessica Lunsford was raped and killed.

Jesus wept....every time some "pro-life" right winger bombed an abortion clinic and killed someone.

Jesus wept.....each and every time an evangelical ripped off the elderly or poor searching for miracles.

Jesus wept.....each time one of 1500 plus service men and women gave their life for a war that nobody wanted ( except the ones with something to gain )

Jesus wept......when he saw His child Terri Schiavo being manhandled by Congress and the press as an "example" of what is "right".

Jesus wept ....when the have a lots spent their money on SUVs and botox while inner city children starved and were homeless.


Here's hoping that you truly experience the entirety of Holy Week before you get to Easter.

Y'all keep the faith. ^j^
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