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Veterinary Dilemma
Dear Doggie Doc:
I arrived home from work today only to find that my precious Butterbean has ingested an Allegra D ( bein' a medical person and all, you know that ONE contains 120 mg of pseudoephedrine, one of the active ingredients in meth )

My question is this.....should I take her to the doggie ER for stomach pumping? She is performing amazing feats like leaping over low limbs and the full grown lab. Her little eyes are all bugged out yet she seems happy!

Please advise...

Sincerely, Worried'n'TN


Dear Worried,
Be not afraid. Butterbean will eventually run out of steam and superpowers and land right smack on your bed to sleep it off. As a serendipitous blessing, her allergies will be in check for early spring. That reminds me of an old vet joke...stop me if you've heard it. "If the bitch lives, I saved her. If she dies...well, I didn't quite get there in time."

Place all chewables ( including thongs and bras ) above pup level for the time being.

Here's to some great doggie times in your neck of the woods.

Your friend.....Dr. Heartworm Prevention All Year Long :)
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