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Blogging Forward
I have been tagged by Follow That Star as part of Blog it Forward Day. Y'all bear with me since beer thirty on a Friday afternoon for the HTML impaired is a scary time! Gotta share the joy, though.

Inside My Head
Jennifer is one of the first bloggers I met and is as much as part of my day as the dogs and my Diet Dr. Pepper. She continues to amaze me with her wit and wisdom from North Carolina.

No Direction Home
is an art journal by photographer Fletch. I can't describe it y'all. You gotta to see the pictures he's got....home base is the Chattanooga area.

Old Horsetail Snake
lives in a retirement home in Oregon and can get a giggle out of me on even the darkest days with his schemes to build "his pile". Prepare to snort and snicker.

Oh...and by the way FTS. I first found you through Risible Girl by way of her post on the oversized dress. She's another daily delight :)

Have a good weekend....and keep the faith. ^j^
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