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Chinese Water Torture
Happy Friday from the land of the week long southeastern monsoon. My gut told me to mow that yard Wednesday, but nooooooooooo....I had to BLOG :)

Today was the last day of "Show a lab tech how terrific and wonderful they are " week and we finished off our daily vendor provided lunch-o-rama with Chinese. 180 bucks worth of Chinese. Picked up in the aforementioned MONSOON by yours truly. Note: The bags weren't too heavy but the box was about 50 pounds worth of rice and moogoo/pepper steak/sweet'n sour in those cute little carry out boxes. Sheesh. Can't carry an umbrella with that kinda load.

The lunch hour this entire week has been a festive occasion where we lingered a bit longer than normal and played "what ever happened to old so and so" with the vendors and generally hooped and hollered and had a good time. It's just like any other industry where everybody knows everybody else in the biz and has tales of old to share.

Always a generous gentleman, the guy at the restaurant pointed out that he was giving us FREE fortune cookies ( Excuse me, but aren't they ALWAYS free??). I'm the kind that will go through a half dozen 'til I get a fortune I actually like, but today that wasn't necessary.

You will find hidden treasures
where least expected.

Sounds good to me. Since I'm a greedy wench, I took another hoping to improve my odds.

It is during difficult times that true
friends become apparent.

Maybe that means that during these difficult times that are my current life, I'll find a hidden treasure of the man of my dreams who's a friend, when I least expect it to become apparent.

I know, I think too much. :)

Have a good weekend y'all...I'll be watching you from work.
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