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Country Girl Will Survive
I am a great believer in setting "short term" goals, aka a list of 2 or 3 things that need to get done sometime in the next week, if the spirit so moves me. That way I don't have to beat myself up with guilt over not completing some gargantuan list of piddly little things that won't make a damn a month from now. Perhaps it's the" sometimers " disease kickin' in where you have to write it down to remember to do it.

One can get a nice warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment from setting short term goals vs. seeking great dreams of fame and glory. This approach definitely does not work for the late twenties or early thirties bunch with designer vehicles, clothes, and children. For an old smartass like me, though...it works just dandy.

My goals for today were as follows:

Wake up in time to get to work at 6AM. done

In addition to meeting my short term goal, I also washed the car, got the tiller running ALL BY MYSELF and planted 5 tomato plants. Plus, I got to watch Oprah and play with the dog.

The way I see it, from here 'til bedtime , anything else I happen to get done is just gravy.
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