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the dam breaks
But not without a little forewarning. I knew a complete meltdown was surely coming after I tripped over the dogs and fell flat on my butt the other day and dissolved into tears screaming "Leave me the F**K alone!!!" They did. Faith hid under the azaelea bushes for an hour and I got my SRUI refilled the next day.

The complete meltdown came this afternoon at work. I casually brought up my checking account online to see how I was faring until payday, and I saw RED. Hmm...how did that happen? Four checks on their merry way back to the recipients when I KNEW that couldn't be. Okay...be calm. Check the numbers..Do the math.

It took about 15 seconds to realize that my car insurance payment had been debited twice and I was, indeed, in the hole. Not to get dramatic or anything, but I must say that I have learned to be pretty vigilant about pennies and nickels during my post-divorce financial adventure. It's been a daily struggle to keep the boat floatin' around here by myself and a hundred bucks worth of bank fees to ME, is like 10K to some high roller. I heard the crack and the trickle and knew it was on.

By the time I got bank lady on the phone, the tears were already spilling out and the dam was feeling the stress. When I talked to the insurance agent, it was a damn full blown crisis. "Sniff. BawwwwwwwwwW!" *whimper* Unlike some women, I just HATE to cry. I've never manufactured a single tear to get my way or manipulate somebody. There is simply this button in some remote lobe of my brain that, on occasion, says "OKAY......enough is enough" and then it's all over but the weepin' and wailin'.

Insurance man and bank lady worked out a deal between themselves to keep me solvent 'til payday. I will see the sun set this evening and rise tomorrow, albeit with puffy eyes.

And finally...the mower is working. At.The.Moment.

Anybody need their yard mowed at a reasonable rate by a smartass country girl looking for extra work?

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