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Daylight Confusion Time
I don't know about y'all, but this spring forward and fall back stuff messes me up every time. It's like a small dose of jet lag that hangs around for a week or so. My first and only time to fly was a number of years ago. Leaving West Tennessee in a freak March snowstorm, imagine the sweat popping out all over this old gal when I walked into the terminal in Miami. Hola! I did fly one other time....with my brother the pilot in a helicopter with no doors. Didn't like the no doors thing at all. Or the fact that he couldn't hear me saying "Get me the hell on the GROUND" without pushing that thingy with my foot.

Having DST lag and all, I laid down this afternoon and really listened to the birds singing. They're all happy about spring and stuff. Me too. I went muddin' in my Camry to try to get some riverbed shots, but alas. The Forked Deere backwater was still a bit much for my car. People without cellphones shouldn't get stuck in the lower forty.

Just wait 'til I get on that 4-wheeler :)
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