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Hump Day
Picture this, if you will. Jumping into the shower at the crack of dawn I barely get out in time to ferry my sometimes roommate/daughter/co-worker/carpooler to work..cuz OF COURSE our hours never coincide. A big storm had just hit as I was drying off and by the time I got to the porch there was thunder and lightning and buckets of rain. POURING. I make a mad dash for the car and the mud grabs my sandals and *whump*...down she goes into the mud. Did I mention the rain is of monsoon proportions by this time?

That was all well and good because I still had an hour to kill. I came home to scrape off the mud and put on the real clothes and shoes and makeup for my next trip into town one hour later. Fine then. I made it to work.

As work days go, it wasn't a bad one. I've seen much worse in my illustrious healthcare career. Nobody bled to death or called me a witch. Now comes the next phase of operation "Transport Poopie and Babygirl". Time for Mom to go home and Babygirl with 4 more hours on HER shift. Hmm. Do I really wanna make another trip to town today???? Nah. My gracious co-worker friend offers not only to give me a lift home, but to make a pit stop for toilet paper.

Did you know that the hose that runs from the back of the washing machine to the water can get a hole in it? Me neither. Home at last, I wandered into a kitchen with the floor covered in water. Dang. Was it raining THAT hard? A little investigation paid off in the form of being sprayed in the face by aforementioned hose before shutting the water off. As soon as I pick up all those towels, the floor will be clean as a whistle!!

Where is Duct Tape Man when I need him? Heh. If this were a Monday, I'd be crying. Since it's Wednesday, I think I'll just keep the faith. ^j^
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