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lookin' for rainbows
I found myself searching the skies for one today as the the sun made its' way through the dark rainclouds. Of course they're never there when you look for them...only when you least expect them.

It was a day in April..not sure which one. Ms. Ann had been hospitalized for end stage lung cancer over the weekend. Her daughter Kay and I had always been close friends, and in this experience we became even closer through that process that breaks through from denial to reality. This journey began only 6 months prior and was filled with chemo and sickness. We camped out at the hospital all weekend and talked quietly while the end of a life came nearer. There was an "angel sighting" over the doorway of her room that weekend as breathing became shallower and time came to a standstill.

April showers....well. You know. On my way to work that morning the rain was blinding and I was soaked. Pulling into the parking lot of the hospital, I looked up and spotted it. A rainbow stretching across the top of the building. I knew, then, that this was the day.

When my shift was over, I found my way up to the room where Kay and Ally were resting on the cot. The three of us lay there together in the dark quiet, softly talking about this or that memory. Enjoying the comfort of silent camraderie.

In that silence, it was easy for me to hear the sound of a last breath.......and then none.

"I think it's over girls."
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