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Sensory Overload
I sat on the porch yesterday afternoon drinking in all that is the decadence of spring at full throttle and I let my mind wander and just be. It is incredibly easy to believe in a God of goodness and mercy when surrounded by that kind of beauty. The cloudless sky was brilliant with sunlight and framed with new growth in every direction. The trees are fully covered with green and there is always a breeze stirring things up to produce something new and different. No stagnant weather patterns here!

That will come later on, when summer or winter have made their home and routine becomes a way of life. For now, and in the autumn, there is a sense of " anything goes" in the air that promises just enough of a change to energize the soul and feed the spirit for the hard times that are sure to come back around.

Out there, the doves coo and the hummingbirds buzz and dive just for the thrill of the sport. I can gaze at the wonder of it all and say "thank you" for the experience with no fear for my future. I can make a list and check it twice, but I can rest assured that if I don't get done, well. It's okay. Everything comes out in the wash.

Check back with me when the temp hits 95 and the humidity is 100%. I'll probably be in the house runnin' up the utility bill to stay cool while watching chick flicks. Middle aged southern gals don't do well in the heat...know what I mean?

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