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Slow Learner
I guess you had to be there. To appreciate the irony of the whole thing. Me'n the dawgs went over to my favorite spot for a sunset with the camera. Little Butterbean is still hoppin' on 3 legs and Faith is...well. Always curious.

This particular spot is where you can watch the white tail of deer prance across the wide open green below if you're lucky. Babygirl hit a stray one crossing the road back in the fall that knocked her silly. I mean, geez. One never expects Bambi to come racing across the road in front of you.

Faith took off like a shot after those deer and ruined our moment. The cows were just standing there lookin' stupid and saying "Muahh" like they always do. Got some good pics though.

I was winding it up and heard Faith barking her chocolate head off back over in the field behind me. Oh SHIT. It was her and Pepe LePew facing off again. "Faith....come HERE!". Not. "NOW". Not.

You know the rest of the story. Skunk dawg, next verse.

Thank goodness I still had one bottle of peroxide put back and learned from my past. No chain this time...just a firm grip on the collar and the hose.

She's under my bed now sleeping it off.

Y'all keep the faith. ^j^
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