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Talk to the Animals
I think I'm gonna be sick. I just bagged up the very dead Easter bunny that the dogs were munching on ALL over the front porch. EWWWWWWWW. If there's a critter within smelling distance ( specially a dead helpless one ) they find it and bring it to Mama. Mama would prefer flowers or wine actually.

Faith the choco lab had Babygirl and me in stitches the other day with her cattle herding. When we pulled into b'friend's driveway with Faith in hot pursuit of the car, we all spotted the visitor. "There's a cow in the yard" I said. "Hmm..yep" was her reply. "Grandaddy says they'll go back where they got out if we leave 'em alone." This particular calf is an orphan who's been mooching off of a beneveolent foster mother along with two other babies. As soon as Faith spotted that calf, it was ON!

She chased that poor thing all the way to the ancient barbed wire fence and the calf was bustin' a gut to get through. He gave it up after a few barbs in the face and took off running around the corner of the pasture to graze in solitude. I've heard of labs retrieving a lot of things, but never cows. As for rat terriers and bunny guts, well that's just grosser than the cat chomping a mouse on the kitchen floor.

How did I end up in this zoo anyway?
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