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Terrific Tuesday!
Jerry is a field engineer for a couple of the analyzers we use in our lab. He's close to retirement age, I imagine...and lookin' forward to days on end of fishing and playing with his grandchildren. The nature of his job is to walk right smack into the middle of hell-in-a-handbasket and make things right.

One of his tricks is happy naming the days of the week. When I answered the phone this morning, it was...of course...Terrific Tuesday. "Couldn't be better if I were twins!". He brings Elvis doughnuts when the situation demands it and always has a smile. I have NEVER seen him in a bad mood. Besides Tuesday, we also observe Marvelous Monday, Wacky Wednesday and Fabulous Friday. I guess he rarely comes on Thursday 'cuz I don't remember the name of that one.

How is it that some people can deal with the shitstorm that is life at work and never get ill about it? It's genetic, I feel sure. Probably a recessive trait that I didn't get. I wish I'd had it today when the interfaces were dead as a doornail and we did manual data entry all day.

I thought Mercury had gone direct?! No, that was my carpal tunnel syndrome :)
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