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Thank Your Fairy Blog Mother Day
Don't feel bad. I didn't know today was the day either until I visited MommaK at Petroville . On this special day, each and every blogger is urged to remember the ones that started him or her on the path to blogging as a lifestyle.

The original culprit in my road to blog was none other than my sister-in-law Yvette. She's a web design wizard and reporterette extraordinaire. An amazing woman who will be my baby brother's partner for life. Thanks girl. See you in July...I'll buy the beer!

Shortly after that I discovered, quite by accident, Inside My Head , a touching and hilarious account of Jennifer's life. She's a doll and has encouraged me when I felt that I couldn't write another word.

Soon , I began reading The Raven's Gazette by Alan. He's got zero patience with urban sprawl or GOP politics and a huge love affair with nature. Life as a newspaperman has given him the words to say exactly what he means. And mean it. He's the cutest tree hugger you ever saw.

My friend Phyllis is a Random Southerner who has listened to me whine about my love life and inspired me to care about much more than that. She's a smartass, like me. Bad :) We both love Hugh Laurie and books.

That led to daily visits to Deb and SK Bubba and, well...the rest is history.

These are the people who got me started and held my interest long enough to turn reading and writing into a love affair with folks all over the world.

Get on out there and give YOUR fairy blogmother a big old {{{{hug}}}}}
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