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you can tell everybody....this is your song
I've always been a sucker for the artsy romantic type that can create. Since I've had the luxury of listening to music all day, when I heard Elton crooning that one, it made me think. uh-oh. She's thinkin' again.


Chat got a hold of me in the early post-divorce months and kept me from dying of boredom and loneliness when I had no money to go out and didn't want to anyway. Everybody knows the usual assortment of idiot men that one meets in a chat room....90% are married and looking and the other 10% hate their mothers. And then there's the bots. Delicious Donna: I'M SO HORNY...WEBCAM UP AND HAVEN'T HAD SEX IN 3 MONTHS!!

Needless to say, there weren't many lasting relationships to be found there. There was one guy, though, that I met late one Saturday night who caught my interest. His handle was Rvrguy and he was a real smartass with a sexy style, much like myself. By vocation, he was a musician. Specifically, he wrote music for jingles...like for radio and TV ads. He laughingly referred to himself as a "musical whore". He also wrote music for the Air Force Band, which I thought was a pretty cool gig. I asked him to write me a song...just for me.

We chatted daily for almost a year, when he was in the mood and not doing "headstands in shit". There was a common love of James Taylor there as he was just beginning his October Road tour and he made me some CD's of JT's older stuff and sent them to me. He never hit on me but made jokes about "secks" sometimes. We made plans to meet for lunch and it never happened. Mostly we just kept each other company now and then online and bitched about work and love.

He had been dating a woman for SEVEN years and still couldn't bring himself to get married. Something wasn't right about the whole thing, he said. She just happened to be at the "wrong place at the wrong time" meaning, I thought, that she was the cause for his divorce 7 years before and that he would feel guilty leaving her with that history.

As I continued to heal and he continued to be busy, our contact got more sporadic until eventually he was just never there. On the rare occasion that I got an offline message from him, I'd reply by asking how my song was coming along.


After six months of NO contact, imagine my surprise when he called one night with a "story" for me. His old g'friend had moved out of town to take care of her elderly parents. Shortly after that he met a lady on the other side of the country through a fluke of cybermagic and they had clicked. He flew.....she flew.....families met. And they were getting married and he was moving to California. I listened to him carefully tell his story and the tears started to flow. Here was a man I had actually never met, not in person. But I knew his soul well enough to cry tears of joy for the miracle he was sharing with me. I asked him to stay in touch. "I'll try" he said.

I've never gotten my song. ( No...Janie's Got a Gun is NOT about me!)

But hey....smartass.

You can tell everybody, this is your post.

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