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All good things
must come to an end *sigh* My three day weekend is almost over and I have to report back to the salt mine at 6AM tomorrow. At least it won't be a Monday. I've had more than one tap on the head by the magic wand of the good karma fairy during the past 24 hours. Thanks y'all...you know who you are.
My baby birds have started whining for food just like kids will do. Still cute, though. I'm keeping one eye on the cats and the other one on Mr. Snake to make sure they don't become a snack before they learn to fly. Momma bird is busy diggin' worms or whatever they eat and giving me the evil eye every time I pass by. Little does she know that I'm tag teaming this thing with her.
here lies Hossie..RIP
I noticed today that the Miss America pageant can't find a network to broadcast their little shindig. Alas, another tradition bites the dust ;) Hopefully the drivel that was the televised pageantry of duct-taped boobs and vaseline lips won't be replaced by Miss Tiny Tot in Fru Fru dresses. One never knows about the mentality of our country today, but. That would just be WRONG wrong wrong. Speaking of TV, mine hasn't been on the entire three days off except for Letterman and SNL. Could be cuz I'm glued to this keyboard. It's so much more entertaining and mind expanding than reality shows and CSI in every city on the map. Gimme my weekly fix of HOUSE and some Comedy Central and I'm a happy camper.

In case you're wondering about the lovely picture above, it's my gift to Hoss who's been dead for several years and didn't even know it. I reckon that makes him a vampire.

Y'all keep the faith.
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