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Down and Dirty...from down on the farm
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My old friend Zubrovka lost his Dad early this morning. His message to me was that it was a peaceful passage with family nearby. Amen to that.

JustRose met a blogger friend for the first time yesterday and is compiling a list of others she'd like to meet in real life. Fascinating idea.

Arlene gave the Southeastern US a much needed soaking while I "parallel tested" a new method at work.

41 years later.... What took so long? (registration required)

As for Poopie, I've got vertigo so bad I'm holding onto the walls to stand up straight. So, umm. I think I'll lay down it down early tonight, regardless of chores needing to be done. After all, tomorrow's your Monday and my Friday.

Y'all keep the faith. ^j^
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