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Eminent Domain
I reckon y'all all know about how our conservative Supreme Court justices sold us out. If you don't, google it. If you don't care, go read some fluff. Poopie's got a personal story to share on this civil rights issue.

I live on a nice farm right outside of a small rural town. It's like umm..a bunch of acres of paradise that I see as a blessing each and every day. Lookin' out my kitchen window I can see the municipal golf course which backs up to cropland. Every dang developer in the area would give their right nut to buy this place up and divide it into little pieces of surburbia. They've tried, many times.

About 12 years ago, the evil wicked city alderman whom I shall call Dickhead decided that our local government should take about 100 acres ( upon which I live and breathe and say thank you, Lord ) to expand the golf course in order to attract industry. Never mind that there was a private contractor with a brand spanking new golf course on the drawing board in another part of town. This was all about him and what he wanted. Politics and power.

The evil one didn't do his homework, as politicians are apt to do. Enter stage left, the owner of said property who inherited the place a gazillion years ago and kept it all those years because he loved the scenery. It was his home away home...his legacy. The evil one probably overestimated his own importance when taking on an attorney who felt a bit threatened by what he heard was going on in his neck of the woods. That lawyer got his pilot to fly him from the north to the south and he stood next to my Daddy at the local board meeting when the issue popped up on the agenda. He took the floor and explained that it was his property and that no government in HIS lifetime would take away the dream that he had so carefully protected and passed onto his children. Case dismissed. Politically incorrect.

Sound crazy? This could happen to you, thanks to those in power in the USA right now. God bless Sandra Day O'Conner for being the courageous hold out for us peons. It's time to make some noise, people.
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